We think people are awesome! Staffknowledgie: Your essential company culture consulting resource

Our firm’s company culture consulting division, Staffknowledgie, works with companies and organizations to successfully hire people who will fit and elevate your professional culture.

Our clients’ growth strategies and talent needs guide our recruiting efforts, allowing us to design strategies geared towards securing specialized, results-minded, and innovative professionals who will keep you competitive while still representing your cultural values.

Pemberton Whitman & Hill wants every piece of hiring advice and every hiring solution we offer to contribute to your business’s continued success.

Our founder, Josh Hill is a Kolbe Certified Consultant. By using conative testing, Josh is able to help companies get the right people in the right seat.

Our Focus Quantifiable success requires greater understanding. Staffknowledgie provides just that.

What you should expect from Staffknowledgie

We ask cogent questions about your work experiences, and what you are looking for in your employees.

Confidentiality is the cornerstone of consultation. We are very careful in our sharing of information.

We provide assessments to clients to attract and onboard the right talent. Staffknowledgie helps employers and candidates discern where they are a natural fit.

Cultural consulting. Business growth. Connecting your organization with the amazing people you need to fully realize your professional vision.